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Kimono Dressing

Celebrate your special day with Kimono

Going to a party?
Having an anniversary dinner in your kimono?
We can help you dress in kimono on your special day!
Just contact us for more details.

Dressing Fee

Kimono Dressing for adults
Yukata     $70
Komon (casual)     $90~(with casual obi)
Tsukesage, Homongi (formal)    $100~(with formal obi)
Tomesode (formal)      $100
Furisode (formal)      $120~
Furisode for bride     $150~
Men’s Casual Kimono    $90
Men’s Haori&Hakama (formal)     $100

for Children
Shichi-Go-San celebration for 3 years old girl     $60
Shichi-Go-San celebration for 5 years old boy    $80
Shichi-Go-San celebration for 7 years old girl) $90

for Wedding
Shiromuku or Irouchikake (bride) $400~

Please make reservation a week in advance
Please let us know the schedule change or cancellation 3 days in advance
You will be charged 50% of entire fee if you cancel within 3 days prior to the day.

You will be charged 60% of entire fee if you cancel within 2 days prior to the day.
You will be charged 80% of entire fee if you cancel on the day.
No extra charge for traveling within Manhattan、$20/hour beginning at the third hour when the travel time exceeds 2hours.


A new appreciation for Japanese traditional attire

We offer an entertaining and educational “Kimono Show.” At our kimono shows, we tell all about the history and cultural meaning of different kinds of kimono and demonstrate the proper way of wearing them.
(Programs are subject to change depending on the amount of time, budgets and the size of the venue.)

(example menu of past Kimono events)

Kimono Show
Queens Flushing Library (250 seats)
Duration: 1 hour
Introduce kimono worn at the seasonal traditional events。Emcee explains about each kimono.
include kimono worn at the training of Japanese traditional art form such as Nihonbuyo (kabuki dance) and Kyogen mai.
The finale is the wedding kimono. The bride changes from her all white wedding gown to a gorgeous colored gown.

YUkata Show
Japan Block Fair (outside stage)
Duration: 15 minutes
The program is consist of three parts. The first part is an introduction of four yukatas and Emcee explains techniques used and meaning of patterns for each yukata. Second, choreographed movement of Yukata self dressing to the music along with the step by step instruction. Lastly, mini-Yukata fashion show。

Kimono Show (Japan Performing Arts presehts featured Emi Kikuchi)
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Sakura Matsuri (50,000/2days)
Duration: 1 hour
Introduces women and men’s formal kimono including winter coats following four seasons. Also explains how to distinguish kimonos by pattern and technique. In the summer part, includes a yukata self dressing demonstration and a dance which includes yukata dressing in the choreograph. The finale is the wedding kimono

Kimono Workshop
Public Elementary school (for the 3rd grade)
Duration: 45 minutes (1 period)
Number of students: 25~28/class
1. Powerpoint presentation for introducing kimono. 2. Furisode dressing demonstration (a teacher as a model). 3.Yukata dressing demonstration for a boy and a girl. 4. Group yukata dressing experience.

Kimono Classes

I want to dress myself in kimono!

Do you have a Japanese kimono at home but don’t know how to wear it? It can be complicated because of all the little details involved.
Don’t worry – at Kimono Experience we’ll teach you everything you need to know about your kimono, so you’ll be able to dress yourself! (Kimono rental is available for lessons.)

Individual/Group Lesson(upon request)
I want to be able to dress myself in Yukata. I want to be able to dress myself in casual kimono. I only want to know how to tie obi, etc…as you like. We’ll make a menu. We can travel to your place, or you can come to visit us.

Individual Lesson:1 lesson(1hour 30minutes)$90~
Group Lesson:Please consult us.

Naganuma Shizu Kimono School Program (Group Lesson only)
We’ll follow the curriculum of Naganuma Shizu Kimono School. For student who would like to have a certificate of degree, you can take an examination here in NY and we can issue one if you pass.