Waku Waku +NYC

August 29, 2015

Waku Waku +NYCis a big Japanese pop culture exhibition produced by Azix, Inc. We were offered a 30-min. kimono related show in the last minutes and we made it in a week! The models and staffs were mostly students who are studying Japanese or interested in traditional or sub culture. They even performed roles of sound operator and stage hands!
Followings are the program.
1. Yukata Self-dressing Demonstration (Mio, Yoko with Emi) (5min.)
Models demonstrate how to dress yourself in yukata with instruction
2. Yukata Self-dressing challenge(Students: Lizzette, Jayne, Allen)(5min.) American College Students will challenge the Three Minutes Self-dressing! Yoko & Mio who are professional musical and opera singer will sing a familiar anime-song. Are challengers able to finish dressing before the song ends?
3. Yukata transformation (3 audience volunteers & Yoko, Emi, Allen) (5min.) +Yumiko We’ll pick two females and one male to be models. Yoko, Emi and Allen-san will dress them in yukata. After that, Yumiko (professional hair and make-up artist) will do hair & make-up quickly by the end of the show and introduce “before and after” Hopefully we can take a picture of “Before” and show them on the screen.
4. Introducing Kimono Styles based worn by Anime characters (7min.) It’s not Cosplay, real kimono style that were worn by popular Anime characters. We’ll ask audience what anime use those kimono styles.
5. Kimono NY Style (7min.) Introducing various creative kimono style by models. Cool Couple (Ann & Marcus) Kimono-dress (Camie) Other models 3 models from “Transformation” and compare “before” and “after”.

Producer/Emcee:Emi Kikuchi, Dancer/Singer:Mio Nakanishi & Yoko Yamashita, Sound:Way Tang, Stage Hand/Model: Tony Lee & Anthony Chin, Photographer:Yoko Essel, Hair&make-up:Yumiko Sensui, Kimono Dressing:Emi Kikuchi, Nami Takagi & Yoko Yamashita, Models:Jayne Lee, Lizette Salmeron, Emmet Allen, Alisa Kikuchi, Marika Sorimachi, Natalie Luongo, Roberto Santiago, Miguel Santiago, Miguel Ramirez, Ann Covalt, Marcus, Camie Maniyon, Special Thanks to “Kaede NYC”

_DSC1903s _DSC1915s _DSC2017s _DSC2036s _DSC2039s _DSC2041s _DSC2052s _DSC2057s _DSC2061s _DSC2064s _DSC2068s _DSC2069s _DSC2074s _DSC2075s _DSC2078s _DSC2080s _DSC2088s _DSC2106s _DSC2119s _DSC2122s _DSC2129s _DSC2132s _DSC2137s _DSC2139s _DSC2146s _DSC2147s _DSC2148s _DSC2149s _DSC2154s _DSC2155s _DSC2157s _DSC2159s _DSC2160s _DSC2162s _DSC2170s _DSC2172s _DSC2178s _DSC2187s _DSC2193s _DSC2200s _DSC2205s _DSC2974s _DSC2987s _DSC2998s _DSC3005s _DSC3019s _DSC3021s _DSC3036s _DSC3041s _DSC3069s _DSC3085s _DSC3097s _DSC3098s _DSC3101s _DSC3110s _DSC3113s _DSC3128s _DSC3129s _DSC3135s _DSC3141s _DSC3147s _DSC3160s _DSC3161s _DSC3192 _DSC3205s _DSC3222s _DSC3223s _DSC3229s _DSC3259s _DSC3264s _DSC3276s _DSC3278s _DSC3288s WakuWakuNYC WakuWaku-YukataSisters

Kimono show at Queens Flushing Library in 2013

January 14, 2013

We are back to Queens Flushing Library where we had the first Kimono Show in 2007.This time, we had more than 40 people altogether. The program included Japanese art form such as Classical dance and Kyogen-mai, it became very enjoyable show. Our teamwork was excellent! The ending was with Wedding Kimono. Mr. & Mrs. Kwan who has just married did the model.。

_DSC9350 _DSC9352 _DSC9501 _DSC9507 _DSC9536 _DSC9548 _DSC9555 _DSC9562 _DSC9596 _DSC9598 _DSC9604 _DSC9610 _DSC9616 _DSC9680 _DSC9689 _DSC9696 _DSC9761 _DSC9821 _DSC9829 _DSC9853

Photo by Yoko Essel

Yukata show at Japan Block Fair in 2013

June 15, 2013

Made 15 minutes Yukata Show for Japan Block Fair in East Village. The PROGRAM was consist of three parts. The first part was an introduction of four yukatas, Emcee explained techniques used and meaning of patterns for each yukata. Second, choreographed movement of Yukata self dressing to the music along with the step by step instruction. Lastly, mini-Yukata fashion show. We had a nice crowds!!

_DSC5729 _DSC5826 _DSC5831 _DSC6522 _DSC6553 _DSC7094 _DSC7103 _DSC7308 _DSC7389 _DSC5668 _DSC5570 _DSC5625 _DSC5876 _DSC6061

Kimono Show in Sakura Matsuri
at Brooklyn Botanic Garden in 2014

April 26, 2014

Featured in Japan Performing Arts, Inc. presents Kimono Show at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Producing, script writing, choreograph were by Yuko Hamada. I, Kimono Experience was in charge of consultation, providing Furisode, Hakama and Wedding kimono, teaching yukata self-dressing to collage students, organizing hair-make up staff & kimono dressers and Kimono dressing. Performers and staff are approximately 40 people altogether. Everyone worked hard and had fun to participate!

_DSC4379s _DSC4381s _DSC4398s _DSC6486s _DSC4402s _DSC4414s _DSC4432s _DSC4437s _DSC4444s _DSC4458s _DSC4461s _DSC4464s _DSC4466s _DSC4468s _DSC4473s _DSC6449s _DSC6460s _DSC4492s _DSC4493s _DSC4503s _DSC4511s _DSC4520s _DSC4529s _DSC4534s _DSC4546s _DSC4552s _DSC4563s _DSC4566s _DSC4573s _DSC4581s _DSC4585s _DSC6528s _DSC6523s _DSC4602s _DSC4640s _DSC4631s _DSC4618s _DSC6799s

Photo by Yoko Essel