2016 Kimono Show at Queens Flushing Library

February 07, 2016 (Sun) 2pm-3pm Queens Flushing Library


Style and Movement: the Japanese Kimono

Part1:Style and Movement-Graceful movement Part2: How the beauty is made-Techniques for Dressing

Kimono Show produced by Emi Kikuchi Kimono Experience.
Part1: Introduction of a variety of kimono & Graceful movements
What are graceful movements in kimono? Models act out and show you good and bad examples.
Part2: How the beauty is made -Techniques for dressing
Obi-tying demonstration by Yukari Mizuuchi, and the finale is introduction of three different Wedding kimono styles.
Models include college students who are taking Japanese Language Courses!
Director: Akane Ugaki

Who’s who in the production

Emi Kikuchi
Producer/Script writer/Dresser/Emcee
Founder of Kimono Experience.
Please visit “Greeting” page.

Akane Ugaki

Akane made a New York devout as a director in Let Her Kick (NAAP) in 2015. She has worked as an associate director in Spring Awakening, The Sound of Music, The Little Mermaid (Shiki Theatre Company) Betrayal (directed by Gavin Mitford) in Japan. Also, she was an original cast of Wicked in Tokyo Production. Endless love and thanks to family and Andrew.

Susan Hamakar

Susan is the founder of JapanCulture•NYC, an English-language website that is one of the city’s leading resources for Japanese-related stories and events. Half Okinawan and half American, Susan grew up in a small town in North Carolina and feels fortunate to live in Manhattan, where she is surrounded by Japanese culture. Susan contributes stories to Shukan NY Seikatsu and Chopsticks NY, and she has served as the emcee of a kimono show at Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Sakura Matsuri and as a moderator for Okinawa-related programs at Japan Society. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @japanculturenyc.

Ryo Shiba

Ryo is a lawyer, dancer, singer, novelist, and podcaster. His mother has always said he was a dancer before he could walk. Apparently, Japan was too small for him, so he sailed to America in 2010 and has been based in NY ever since.

Azumi Tsutsui
Azumi Tsutsui - S.D. side_s
Aikido/Model Azumi is an actress/model from Osaka, Japan. She has appeared on TV commercials and productions such as Mitsubishi Jisho, McGraw-Hill, Peking Food, Samsung Milk App Promotion, FCI Morning Eye and Gutto Chikyu-bin. She has also appeared on films that have received many acclaimed awards at film festivals such as Telly Awards, Ciclope Festival and Cannes Lions Festival. She was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress at Sparrow Film Project 10. Her recent works include the movie “Marjorie Prime” where she co-stared with Tim Robbins, Geena Davis, John Hamm and Lois Smith. She is a black belt in Aikido.

Yoko Yamashita
Dancer/Model/Dresser Yoko is a singer and actor, has started her carrier at the age Three and appeared in TV programs, screens, Musical Theater and Opera in Japan. Since moving to NYC, she works with many Opera companies in NY area such as Regina Opera, Amore Opera, New Rochell Opera and so on. Her upcoming roles are Oscar in Un Ballo in Maschera in March and Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro in July with NY Opera Forum. Not only a singer and an actor, Yoko is also a kimono dresser, and consultant of Japanese culture and trained in Japanese Traditional Dance.

Akiko Tokuoka
Dancer/Model Akiko is a Japanese dancer, choreographer, certified both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor and actress. She was featured roles at Lincoln Center, Blue Note, Brooklyn Ballet, New York Fashion Week Collection, Kennedy Center (D.C.) and so on. Akiko specializes in Japanese classical dance and performed in the “Obi-Tying Demonstration” at the Metropolitan Museum of the Art. More recently, she performed in the Off-Broadway Musical “Heather Smiley for President.” and the Off-Off Broadway play “Jyou En” at the Theater For the New City in NYC.

Yukari Mizuuchi
Dresser/Obi-demonstrator Yukari is from Saitama, Japan. She graduated from a beauty school in Tokyo and worked at a hair salon in a top fashion district in Tokyo, Omotesando for three years. After that, she became a freelance hair designer and came to New York in 2012. She is a Kimono evangelist in New York and participates in events and shows as a hair designer and Kimono dresser.

Yumiko Sensui
Model/Hair/Dressing Assistant Yumiko was born in Tokyo. Trained hair and kimono dressing for daily life, fashion show, editorial and events. Works at salon in midtown New York.

Lizzette Salmeron
Model Lizzette is currently in junior year at the City College of New York pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering. During Lizzette’s first year of college she’s taken a Japanese language course each semester and has been participating in Japanese cultural events when she was able to. She has three kimonos of her own because she finds the garments to be beautiful and unique pieces of art. Thus, here she is participating in this event.

Seika Ito
Model Seika is a singer, actress, and dancer in Japan and in NYC. At the age of 12, she debuted on a film “Out of This World” for the role Tsubame Misora directed by Junji Sakamoto. She has been in numerous scripted TV series, music videos, and TV commercials for companies such as Nintendo and Ikedamohando Co, Ltd. She was also a radio reporter at FM Yokohama. She played Liat in the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical, “South Pacific” in NYC.

Nanako Ohsawa
Nanako Osawa_s
Model Nanako was born in Saitama, Japan and has been living in New York over twenty years, working as a business translator. In her youth she was taken with American culture and in the process of assimilating herself to her new environment, she began to lose touch with her Japanese heritage. For the last several years, she has been reconnecting with her roots through participation in Kimono studies as well as in a Japanese choir group performing at mostly charity events. Prior to living in New York, she also spent several years in North Dakota, Iowa and Hawaii for high school and college.

Shoji Kumamoto
Model Shoji hails from Fukuoka Japan. He started singing in 2010. He performed at the world famous APOLLO theatre twice, picked from over 20,000 people as a 1 of 4 solo vocal finalist of McDonald’s gospel fest 2015. He does model and act. He worked as a groom model for one of the biggest Japanese wedding photo company, now He is a cast member of kids’ educational show At the Wave.

James Flynn
James head shot_ss
Model James was born and grew up in New Jersey and has been living in NYC since 2008. Prior to 2008, he has lived in Kobe and Osaka for 5 years and taught English there. During his stay, he appeared in a local TV program called “Happy English”. He is bilingual in English and Japanese. He holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Fordham University and he currently teaches ESL at a NYC public school. Aside from teaching, he got married last summer and in his free time, he enjoys reading books, watching political news, and playing video games.

Shiyo Kaku
shiyo head shot_s
Model Shiyo was born and grew up in Tokyo until age 13 and has been living in NYC since then. She is trilingual in Japanese, Chinese, and English. She holds a Master’s degree in Japanese Pedagogy from Columbia University and she currently teaches Japanese at the University of Pennsylvania as a full-time language lecturer. Aside from teaching, she is married to James Flynn and in her free time, she enjoys reading books related to foreign language education, eating out, going to karaoke, and watching Broadway shows. She participated as a model in 2013 Kimono Fashion Show.

Nami Takagi
Model/Dresser Nami is a kimono stylist and KaedeNYC’s business manager. A fashion stylist with more than seven years of industry experience, Nami is not only a traditional Kimono stylist but she also loves to collaborate with lots of artist to create great work. She works with both modern and traditional styles, and has a wide knowledge of Kimono and contemporary fashion. Constantly building her confidence and professional technique in kimono dressing have given her a huge portfolio of beautiful work and a lot of satisfied clients. She has a Kimono professional consulting license in Japan with 6years experience.

Saori Morris
Hair/Make-up/dresser Saori has worked in Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Toronto and New York as a hair, make-up and nail artist as well as kimono dresser. She trained in Tokyo and London and has worked on film and TV, for magazines, working on shows and taking seminars, specializing in weddings.

Akiyo Koyama
Akiyo B&W_s
Hair/Make-up Akiyo is a Japanese Hair&Makeup Artist with over 15 years’ experience. She has been working for advertising, fashion, TV shows, celebrities, weddings and so on. Her specialty is clean, camera ready makeup and hair that enhances natural beauty as well as Kimono hair. Akiyo is an extremely passionate and curious individual who never stops exploring. She is now based in New York but also owns K.inc, a Hair & Makeup Artist agency based in Tokyo. She occasionally goes back to Japan or to other locations shooting abroad for clients in Japan too.

Toshitsugu Kubota
Toshi Kubota_s
Hair Toshi was born in Kochi Prefecture and raised in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. After graduating beauty school, worked at hair salons in Nishinomiya City before joining Universal Studios Japan. There, he created wigs worn by the various characters at the theme park. Moved to the U.S. in the fall of 2008. Since then he has worked in various kimono shows. Currently works at Salon Wave in NYC.

Yukie Nammori
Yukie Nammori_s
Hair/Make-up Yukie started her hair makeup carrier since she was in Japan, she assisted some famous artists who work in fashion, TV, music industry. After she moved to NYC, she has been working with great artists for fashion magazines, fashion shows, commercials and music videos.

Mami Inari
Hair/Make-up Mami was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. She worked at a hair salon for 7 years and was able to gain a lot of skills and experience there. Since she moved to NY, she has gained experience doing NY fashion shows and weddings and also, she has been doing makeup for models for magazines or websites. The motto is ”Constantly trying new things gives my life value”

Tomomi Sano
Hair/Make-up Tomomi grew up in Tokyo, Japan where she was influenced by Tokyo fashion culture from her early age. Tomomi had worked at hair salon its name is ”Mod’s Hair” in Aoyama and Ginza,Tokyo.2014. She had just moved to New York and started to her hair & makeup career.

The first prize winner!

Japan Week 2015 at Grand Central Terminal

February 18-20, 2015 There was an annual event produced by Japan Tourism Bureau,Japan Week 2015. I dressed three couples in Japanese traditional wedding kimono, a couple per day for three days. They entered to win the prizes which are being models of Japanese traditional wedding kimono dressing session on stage and receiving professional photos of them.
Three couples were chosen from 80 applicants by their stories and passion to Japanese culture. Couples were all Americans. On the first day we had a surprise. The groom didn’t know he was chosen, so we were waiting for him with dressed up bride behind the stage. How surprised and pleased he was! They won the first prize later by vote from web audiences and received a certificate to visit Japan including airline tickets and hotel stays.
On the stage, as I dressed a couple in kimono, explained the origin and meaning of wedding kimono style, obi-tying style and accessories, etc. All couples were so pleased by being in wedding kimono. I was very happy to know people who love Japanese kimono and culture and help them make their dreams come true. Kimono was provided by Watabe Wedding in Japan. Watabe Wedding, Wig and Kanzashi (hair accessories) by Kimono Experience, Assistant dresser: Yumiko Sensui (Hair Salon Wave), Hair: Yumiko Sensui, Hair&Make-up: Akiyo Koyama

wedding-Eden1s wedding_Matthew1 wedding-Eden&Matthew AK-2015-02-20-japan3501-s Sensui-san Japan Week at Grand Central Station in New York 10978648_926283644079100_2123208564237503183_n 11001600_926281924079272_7672340269460530555_o 10991545_926282487412549_8735592714540498170_o Japan Week at Grand Central Station in New York JapanWeek_photo_by_fumiko7s 写真提供:Azix, Inc.

Obi-Tying Demonstration at Metropolitan Museum of Art

October 19, 2014 (Sun) 4:00pm-4:30pm at The Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium
At Metroplitan Museum of Art, I will give “Obi-Tying Demonstration”. This is a related event of Japanese Kimono Exhibition,Kimono: a Modern History. Also it’s a part of Sunday at the Met program. Please come & enjoy an art of Obi-Tying technique!

Sunday at the Met (Sunday, October 19)
Kimono:a Modern History

Welcome and Introduction
3:00–3:05 p.m.
John T. Carpenter, Curator, Department of Asian Art, MMA

Free Lecture
Kimono and Modernism: Old Is New Again
3:05–3:30 p.m.
Sharon S. Takeda, Senior Curator and Department Head, Costume and Textiles, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Free Lecture
Imagination and Creation: The Kimono’s Influence on Fashion
3:30–4:00 p.m.
Akiko Fukai, Director and Chief Curator, The Kyoto Costume Institute

Free Lecture
Obi-Tying Demonstration
4:00–4:30 p.m.
Emi Kikuchi, Kimono Experience

1.Furisode (traditional) -model: Mako Ito
2.Furisode (contemporary) -model: Yuko Nagasue
3.Homongi -model: Akiko Tokuoka
4.Shiromuku (bridal) -model: Azumi Tsutsui

Staff: Michiko Sipell (kitsuke assistant), Akiyo Koyama (hair&makeup), Yumiko Sensui (hair&makeup,kitsuke), Yukari Mizuuchi (hair, kitsuke)

Formento+formento for LovesArt at Hotel Maccarren

September 14, 2014

Worked with Mr.Bj Fomentoand Mrs.Richeille Formento for a live Kitsuke & photo session at Hotel Maccarren in Brooklyn. My assistant was Ms.Nami Takagi. Thank you, Nami! The event started at 5pm, my slot was from 7pm to 9pm. Kimono used in the photos (Furisode, obi, wig & hair accessories) are from Mrs.Formento’s collection…beautiful!! Man’s kimono and bride’s accessories are from Kimono Experience. The coordination was made almost on site with Mrs.Formento, it was thrilling and exciting. Mr.Foment’s shooting was amazing…I was impressed by his direction for the models. Photos below is by courtesy of Mr.Bj Formento.
Creative Direction: Richeille Formento Shibari Artist: Bunny Lee Kimono Artist: Emi Kikuchi Make Up: Marina Guidos Hair: Joey Oso Model: Daria Protsenko, Anastasia Vilkova & James Mao

10665832_746528892087119_1077439464383185196_n 10584157_10153163699882598_1929207610_n 10681521_10153163700077598_1583905563_n James Mao 1490833_747629855310356_6332772910512528605_o
Photo by Bj Formento