Japanese kimono is the result of the beauty and craftsmanship cultivated for over 1000 years in Japan. It is one of the most admired national costumes in the world. However, what makes a kimono so distinctive is not only the kimono itself, it is the person who wears kimono. At Kimono Experience, we would like to share opportunities to experience kimono with you and show you something special about Japanese culture which is based on respect, appreciation and care. Let’s enjoy kimono!


Emi Kikuchi: a certified Shihan (master) Kimono teacher

She studied at the Naganuma Shizu Kimono School in Japan. She is a kimono dresser and teaches classes in New York City on Kimono dressing. She also teaches Japanese language and calligraphy to non-Japanese students in a company and colleges. She has taught Japanese culture and Japanese Calligraphy at a New York public elementary school. Also she has been giving kimono workshops for the 3rd graders since 2008. As a part of her cultural activity, she has done script writing and emceed several kimono shows at “Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) in Brooklyn Botanical Garden. In October 2007, she produced her first Kimono show at the Queens Flushing Libraty and had the second show in January 2013. Also she produced and performed “Yukata Show” in Japan Block fair in June 2013, featured in Kimono Show at “Sakura Matsuri” in Brooklyn Botanical Garden produced by Japan Performing Arts in April 2014.

Ms. Kikuchi is also an actor and a voiceover expert in Japanese. Among various productions in New York she appeared, she played rolls in Kimono many times. In the movie “Drawing Restraint 9″ with Ms. Sachiyo Ito, who is the Japanese classical dance master, she dressed Mr. Matthew Barney and Ms. Bjork in their wedding kimono.