The first prize winner!

Japan Week 2015 at Grand Central Terminal

February 18-20, 2015 There was an annual event produced by Japan Tourism Bureau,Japan Week 2015. I dressed three couples in Japanese traditional wedding kimono, a couple per day for three days. They entered to win the prizes which are being models of Japanese traditional wedding kimono dressing session on stage and receiving professional photos of them.
Three couples were chosen from 80 applicants by their stories and passion to Japanese culture. Couples were all Americans. On the first day we had a surprise. The groom didn’t know he was chosen, so we were waiting for him with dressed up bride behind the stage. How surprised and pleased he was! They won the first prize later by vote from web audiences and received a certificate to visit Japan including airline tickets and hotel stays.
On the stage, as I dressed a couple in kimono, explained the origin and meaning of wedding kimono style, obi-tying style and accessories, etc. All couples were so pleased by being in wedding kimono. I was very happy to know people who love Japanese kimono and culture and help them make their dreams come true. Kimono was provided by Watabe Wedding in Japan. Watabe Wedding, Wig and Kanzashi (hair accessories) by Kimono Experience, Assistant dresser: Yumiko Sensui (Hair Salon Wave), Hair: Yumiko Sensui, Hair&Make-up: Akiyo Koyama

wedding-Eden1s wedding_Matthew1 wedding-Eden&Matthew AK-2015-02-20-japan3501-s Sensui-san Japan Week at Grand Central Station in New York 10978648_926283644079100_2123208564237503183_n 11001600_926281924079272_7672340269460530555_o 10991545_926282487412549_8735592714540498170_o Japan Week at Grand Central Station in New York JapanWeek_photo_by_fumiko7s 写真提供:Azix, Inc.
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